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107-156 Course Syllabus


Class Times:

Self-paced Computer Based Training


Internet OR WCTC Open Lab B112 or S111

Course Description:

This self-paced course deals with Administration a Novell 5 network through CBT Systems/Novell self-paced. Students will be able to take exam Novell upon completion. Prerequisites None.

Required Supplies:

Internet access to CBT curriculum (you may either use our open lab or your own internet account)



Optional Supplies:


Instructor Name:

Ed Mahler

Instructor E-Mail: or



Start Date of Class


End Date of Class




On Campus Lab Hours

B112 Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 9:00 pm - Saturday 8:00 am - noon


S111 Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm - Friday 8:00am - noon

Grading Scale:


A = 95% - 100%

A- = 93% - 94%

B+ = 91% - 92%

B = 87% - 90%

B- = 85% - 86%

C+ = 83% - 84%

C = 79% - 82%

C- = 77% - 78%

D+ = 75% - 76%

D = 72% - 74%

D- = 70% - 71%

F = 69% or below




Final Grade:


% of Grade






Attendance: This is a self-paced course that can be completed directly over the Internet or by using the open labs at WCTC to complete the required CBT modules. For open lab schedule see above. I will be available for questions and answers, which may arise via e-mail and an Internet List Server. You must join the list server for this class to participate in class discussions.

Homework: Assignments will be created and posted on this web site. It is the student's responsibility to check this web site weekly. Go to Homework Assignments.

Misc: WCTC is committed to equal opportunity and to fully including persons with disabilities or otherwise qualified persons in all of our educational courses, training opportunities, services, and special events.

If you need any special accommodations to participate in these activities, please contact the course instructor or the coordinator of the special event or activity. Thank you.



Preparation Guide for Exam Novell Network Administration


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


What will all be covered in this class?


See Detailed Course Outline. 


How do I register for this course?


To register call 414-691-5578 


Is your curriculum developed and approved by Novell?


CBT Systems is approved by Novell. You can visit their web site at http:/www/ 


Do you provide continuing education through out the students I.T. career?


Our intention will be to continue offering CBT as long as our contract is renewed. 


Are you classes taught by certified Novell Instructors and are they easily accessed?


Our instructors are certified by the State of Wisconsin Technical College system to be networking instructors. I am a certified Netware Instructor and Engineer. Contact with the instructors will be through the Internet and that our goal is to have all contacts responded to within 24 to 48 hours. We will also have a list server for students to discuss issues on an ongoing basis. 


Do you provide a copy of the product (Novell Server) for the students to use for practice.


We have no products for hands on training since these are Internet classes and some students would be precluded from driving from remote locations to attend classes/labs. 


What type of facilities and equipment do you provide for hands on training and if any what are the hours these are available?


This class is Internet based with no hands on labs. All contact is made with the instructor through the Internet. We are discussing "optional" labs, but have no firm plans at this time. 


Do you have some kind of survey to find out if this self-paced learning is for me?


CBT or computer-based training is not for everyone. Not all learners "learn" the same way or would be successful at learning using CBT. We have optional textbooks for all our CBT classes, but they will not be required. There is an individual learner profile on our website ( which may help you decide if this is the right type of class for you. 


What exams are required to be a Novell Certified Engineer (CNE)?


Check with Novell's Education Web site for the latest in CNE requirements: 


Where can I take my Novell Exam and what is the cost?


The cost of each test is $110.00.

When you are ready to take a test in the certification curriculum, you must schedule the exam. To schedule the exam, it is generally easiest to contact Sylvan Prometric directly. Call 1-800-755-EXAM or via the Internet

When you call, you will need to provide them with your Social Security number, the test you want to take, and a credit card; you won't be able to schedule the exam without a credit card to pay for the exam. Once the exam is scheduled, you just need to arrive at the testing center with two forms of ID (one of which must be a photo ID). Most exams will give you your results immediately upon completion of the exam.

The testing company will keep track of the tests you pass. When you have completed the full certification sequence, the vendor will be notified and you will receive your certification. From your point of view, you just need to prepare for, and take the tests. When you have done that, you will be certified.

There are many sites you can take your test at. Below are a list of a couple of them:


IKON Technology Services

Allied Computer Group

New Horizons

For more information see the Novell web site: 


Since I am new to using the Internet will I be struggling with this course?


The class work is performed via the Internet. The internet is used to correspond and e-mail assignments and test results. Therefore, as long as you have the basics of e mailing and visiting a web-site down you should be able to do well in this class.


Course Outline - Detailing Lessons

Lesson #

Lesson Content

Estimated # of Hours


Upgrading to NetWare 5



The Server Console



Backing up Servers and Workstations



Network Printing and the File System



Optimizing the Network & Server



Using DNS/DHCP Services



Securing and Maintaining NDS



Installing a Web Server and an FTP Server



Server Remote Access and Mobile Clients




Homework Assignments:

You are to answer all questions. The easiest way is to copy these questions into a word processor and work with them from there. These questions will cover all 9 modules and some you will not be able to answer until you are completed with the course. It is recommended that you turn in a question as you can answer it. You can, however, turn all questions in at one time.  All question/Answers will only be accepted in typed format. You may e-mail them or send them regular mail.

Question #1

What are the two upgrade methods and when would you use one over the other?

Question #2

What is the function of a Netware server and identify the server components?

Question #3

What are the server console hot keys?

Question #4

Describe remote console management, and describe the various utilities to remotely manage the console on a Netware 5 server.

Question #5

Describe security strategies for a Netware 5 server. How would you implement console security?

Question #6

What command is issued at the server console to load ConsoleOne?

Question #7

When the server is powered-on what startup files are executed and in what order?

Question #8

What are the three types of backup strategies and which take the longest to restore and which is normally the quickest to backup with?  Can you mix incremental backups with differential?

Question #9

What is ConsoleOne used for? What is it's functionality?

Question #10

What three NDS Objects are required for queue-based printing?

Question #11

What are the default DNS/DHCP objects created in the NDS Tree?

Question #12

What is DNS used for and what are the 6 types of DNS record resources (RRs) and what is the NLM used on the Netware server to start the DNS services?

Question #13

What namespace is required for Novell FTP services for Netware?

Question #14

What NLM is loaded on the Netware server for provide FTP services?

Question #15

What namespace is required on the volume which holds website files when using Netscape FastTrack Web Server for Netware?

Question #16

What 7 NLM's make up the Netscape FastTrack Web Server for Netware that run on the Netware 5 server?

Question #17

What are the 16 default directories created on SYS on a Netware 5 server?

Question #18

List some benefits and drawbacks to Netware Storage Services (NSS) and list the three components of NSS.





Information about WCTC's On-Line Bookstore


Students enrolled in WCTC Internet courses may choose to purchase textbooks from their local bookstore or they can be ordered from the WCTC bookstore via a toll free telephone call or email. Students ordering from the WCTC bookstore will be charged the standard fee for textbooks plus the appropriate shipping charges to their mailing address.

For more information visit the WCTC's On-Line Bookstore


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